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Healthforce Minnesota

New and Ongoing Efforts

Here is a brief overview of the new and ongoing initiatives developed by HealthForce Minnesota in collaboration with educators, state agencies and industry.

Diversity Initiatives

Expanding Diversity Through Collaborative Partnerships

Innovating programs designed to recruit and retain an expanded and more diverse student population is core to our mission. Scrubs Camps and our new Success in Nursing Diversity Curriculum demonstrate our approach to welcoming, educating and inspiring historically underserved student populations.

Health Care Core Curriculum (HCCC)

Basics Every Healthcare Employee Should Know

The Health Care Core Curriculum (HCCC) and HCCC Pathway to Nursing Assistant make it easy for:

  • High schools to launch or enhance existing health science technology programs
  • Colleges and universities to offer a foundational course that prepares students for success in entry level jobs and health education programs.
  • Employers to onboard new employees

The Mental Health Workforce Initiative

Gearing Up & Taking Action

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature has asked for a state mental health workforce development plan to be created that would:

  • Increase the number of mental health workers at all levels,
  • Ensure appropriate education and training and
  • Create a more culturally diverse mental health workforce.

Learn more about how HealthForce Minnesota is responding to that challenge.

Minnesota Clinical Laboratory Workforce Initiative (MCLW)

Addressing a Critical Shortage of Facilities for Training

In response to the growing demand for Medical Lab Technicians and Medical Lab Scientists, the number of MLT and MLS programs has expanded — and opportunities for clinical placements have become increasingly hard to find.

Learn how HealthForce Minnesota is collaborating to build that capability.

National Nursing Accreditation

Simplifying a Complex Process

One of the difficulties in addressing the shortage of registered nurses in Minnesota is that many programs lack national certification. HealthForce Minnesota is working with colleges around the state to help them complete applications and meet deadlines for candidacy for accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACE) and/or the National League of Nurses’ Commission for Nursing Accreditation (CNEA).

Contact Sue Field for more information on Nursing Accreditation and a password to our Nursing Accreditation resources.

Simulation Resources

Virtual Solutions for Hands-On Education

Simulation has emerged as an important tool in modern healthcare education. It offers numerous strategies for comprehensive and practical training as well as safer patient care. Simulation may also play an increasing role in providing students with an alternative form of the clinical experiences they need to graduate on time.


Aging Suit/Simulation Resources

Scrubs Camp

Getting Students Excited About Healthcare Careers

How do you get kids excited about careers in HealthCare — particularly kids who don’t know anyone who works in the industry? Since 2008, HealthForce Minnesota has been answering that question with camp experiences designed to appeal to racially and economically diverse kids across the state. Learn more.

The Clinical Coordination Partnership (TCCP)

Revolutionizing the Way Clinical Experiences Are Scheduled

The Clinical Coordination Partnership (TCCP) helps streamline the complex series of interactions that used be required in order for schools and clinical sites to schedule and track student clinical experiences.

“Without Health Force MN and HFM consultants’ direction, our nursing program accreditation outcome could certainly have been different. We are very pleased and grateful for HFM’s consultation services, direction, guidance and support!”
Faculty from a Minnesota State Community College