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Healthforce Minnesota

Why HealthForce Minnesota?

Over the next decade, Baby Boomers will place an increasingly heavy burden on the healthcare system as they age and develop chronic conditions. The demand for healthcare workers is rapidly increasing while a significant portion of today’s workforce consists of boomers nearing retirement. How do we attract and educate the types of workers Minnesota employers predict they’ll need by 2025?

Recognizing that addressing that shortfall would require ongoing collaboration of healthcare industry providers, educators and government would be required, Minnesota State created HealthForce Minnesota as one of its eight Centers of Excellence in 2005.

As the largest educator of nurses and allied medical professionals in the state, Minnesota State has an intense interest in furthering the work being done by HealthForce Minnesota.

The Healthcare Education Industry Partnership Council advises us in our work.  Comprised of representatives of large health systems, independent hospitals, healthcare associations, state agencies, and public and private educational institutions, the Partnership Council is Minnesota's premiere healthcare workforce group. 

An Executive Alliance, composed of Minnesota State presidents and healthcare employers and associations, plays a vital role in ensuring that HealthForce Minnesota is meeting the current and long-term needs of students and their prospective employers. The Executive Alliance meets twice each year to be updated and provide feedback on current and pending HealthForce Minnesota initiatives and to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Our Mission

To closely collaborate and innovate with key stakeholders to develop Minnesota's current and future healthcare workers.

Our Vision

Minnesota's full range of healthcare needs are well-served by the nation's best healthcare workforce: dedicated, diverse, compassionate, and highly qualified.


In all that we do, we are committed to:

  • Respect the dignity of every person
  • Champion diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • Communicate with clarity and integrity
  • Foster collaboration and innovation within the healthcare workforce
  • Inspire interest in all healthcare careers
  • Responsiveness to constituents' needs
  • Data-driven decision making and continuous improvement




Almost everything we do is in partnership with another organization.  Healthcare employers provide us with guidance, alert us to challenges, and assist us with implementing solutions.

  • Allina
  • Boston Scientific
  • Care Providers of Minnesota
  • CentraCare
  • Children's Minnesota
  • Ecumen
  • Episcopal Homes
  • Essentia
  • HealthPartners
  • Hennepin Health
  • LeadingAge Minnesota
  • M Health Fairview
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Minnesota Center for Independent Living
  • Minnesota Home Care Association
  • Minnesota Hospital Association
  • Monarch Health
  • North Memorial
  • Olmsted Medical Center
  • Saint Anne's of Winona
  • Samaritan Bethany
  • Sanford
  • Sholom Homes

Reports (pdf)

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“The American Heart Association predicts that by 2030, 116 million people (or 40.5% of Americans) will have some form of Cardiovascular Disease.”

The American Heart Association