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Healthforce Minnesota

Filling the Workforce Pipeline

A primary purpose of HealthForce Minnesota is meeting the needs of Minnesota’s healthcare employers. We position ourselves to be flexible and nimble to meet Minnesota employer needs. Part of our success is that we continually seek input and collaborate with employers and industry leaders to align educational programs with workforce requirements.

Our Accountability

Executive Alliance

Ensures that HealthForce Minnesota is meeting the current and long-term needs of students and their prospective employers.

More About the Alliance

Collaborative Vision

Partnership Council

Working with leaders from industry, education and government to identify and address workforce challenges.

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Works in Progress

Major Initiatives

New and ongoing initiatives developed in collaboration with educators, state agencies and industry.

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“As healthcare moves to a ‘pay for performance’ from a ‘fee for service’ environment all health workforce will need a solid baseline set of core competencies. The HCCC offers foundational education for our incoming pipeline that healthcare employers are looking for to better serve patients and families.”
Daniel D. Olson, North Memorial Health Care System