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Healthforce Minnesota

Identifying and Addressing Workforce Challenges

Seen as a model of collaboration across the country, HealthForce Minnesota’s Partnership Council meets quarterly to identify and address a broad spectrum of healthcare workforce challenges.

Having met every quarter since 1998, our Partnership Council predates HealthForce Minnesota. Meetings typically draw an average of 35 healthcare leaders drawn from leadership ranks of the healthcare industry, educational institutions, industry associations and government.

Rather than have two industry/education partnerships addressing the same issues, The Health Industry Executive Partnership Committee (HEIP) was absorbed into HealthForce Minnesota’s Partnership Council shortly after the Center of Excellence was established in 2008.

To Get Involved:

Council membership is limited but the opportunities for involvement and collaboration are limitless. Please contact Valerie DeFor for more information.

“If you work in healthcare, this is the one meeting you really don’t want to miss.”
Laura Beeth, State Chair, HealthForce Minnesota Partnership Council