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Healthforce Minnesota

Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant is one of the few careers in which you can get a healthcare job without a college degree. It is a great entry level position for students wanting experience working in healthcare. 

What do Nursing Assistants do? A Nursing Assistant provides health care to patients in homes, hospitals, long term care facilities, and other health care settings. Nursing Assistants assist patients with completing activities of daily living such as dressing, feeding, eating, and toileting under the supervision of a Nurse or other Medical Professional. 

Courses are provided in high schools, colleges, and at health care facilities.

Nursing Assistant Skill Videos

If you are a student currently taking a 

  • Minnesota State Nursing Assistant course or a
  • Health Care Core Curriculum (HCCC)/Nursing Assistant course, 
    you may be interested in the following resources.

    During the Nursing Assistant course, students often ask if there are videos to review after their instructor has demonstrated a skill.

    The answer is yes! We have videos of the 60 Nursing Assistant Skills  which correspond directly with the curriculum in your course.

    The skill videos are available in 2 formats.

    The first format includes individual skill videos for each of the 60 skills in the curriculum.
    The second format includes videos which are grouped in playlists and are organized by the specific units you are studying. 

Your instructor will decide if this is a resource that he/she would like you to have for your course. The instructor will provide you with the log-in information for this site. 

click here to Log Into the Individual Skills and skill Playlists. 

The videos were developed by the Minnesota State Center of Excellence – HealthForce MN. 

The actors in the videos include:
Muriel Kruggel (Nurse)
Pat Reinhart (Resident)
Michael Rosenberg (Resident)
Sue Field (Nurse and Resident)
LuVessie Jones (Nurse)
Val Defor (Nurse)
Yewondwossen Tsegaw (Nurse and Resident)

Videographer: Emily Braverman from Emily's Photography
Narrator: Xavier Cajune
Director and Editor: Sue Field

Many thanks to all who contributed to this project!