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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the HCCC be used as a pathway to nursing assistant?

The 128-hour HCCC/Nursing Assistant course is approved by the Minnesota Department of Health as a pathway to the nursing assistant. The curriculum provides 64 hours of HCCC plus an additional 64 hours of lab and clinical for the students. (link to the Nursing Assistant page)

Who benefits from the HCCC?

The HCCC benefits students thinking about healthcare careers. It benefits educators who don’t have the time or resources to build health science programs from scratch — or keep their curriculum current and aligned with both state and national standards.

It also benefits healthcare employers by providing employees with skills to be successful in the healthcare field.

Who can teach the HCCC?

Once an instructor takes the Educate the Educator course, the HCCC can be taught as a stand-alone course or as a course in a Health Science Program by:

  • Qualified Health Science Career and Technical Education Teachers
  • College Faculty
  • Others such as Industry Partners

Does the HCCC meet State and National Standards?

HealthForce Minnesota crosswalks and regularly updates the HCCC to meet critical state and national standards. Learn more. (links to HCCC Crosswalks)