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Healthforce Minnesota

Basics Every Healthcare Employee Should Know

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement reports that “a key factor in closing the gap between best practice and common practice is the ability of health care providers and their organizations to rapidly spread innovations and new ideas.” 1

The Health Care Core Curriculum (HCCC) and other coursework and resources developed in partnership with industry and education partners provide resources for healthcare educators in K-12, college and workplace settings that enable them to offer courses that are pertinent, up-to-date and aligned with both state and national standards.


HCCC for K12 Educators
HCCC for College, University, and Industry Educators

1Massoud MR, Nielsen GA, Nolan K, Schall MW, Sevin C. A Framework for Spread: From Local Improvements to System-Wide Change. IHI Innovation Series white paper. Cambridge, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2006.