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Healthforce Minnesota

National Accreditation for MN Nursing Programs

Accreditation Required for Nursing Program Approval

In 2012, the Minnesota Board of Nursing rules changed to require national accreditation to receive Board of Nursing approval for nursing programs in MN.  The Board Rules required all nursing programs to complete an accreditation site visit by May 31, 2019.

In 2012, only 12/21 or 57% of the MN State Associate Degree (AD) Nursing Programs and 3/21 or 15% of the MN State Practical Nursing (PN) Programs were accredited. 

To assist the MN State colleges in achieving this goal, HealthForce MN provided consulting services, webinars, and accreditation resources to the PN and AD Nursing Programs.

As of May 31, 2019, 95% (20/21) of the MN State AD Nursing Programs and 90% (19/21) of the MN State PN Progams completed accreditation site visits and were either nationally accredited or recommended for accreditation but awaiting final approval from the accrediting agencies Board of Commissioners. 

All nursing programs in Minnesota State are now fully accredited or conditionally accredited by a national accreditation program. The Minnesota State HealthForce Center of Excellence remains a resource for nursing programs to maintain national accreditation.