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Healthforce Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions For Campers and Their Parents


What are your COVID-19 policies for Summer 2024?

We are excited to welcome students to campus to learn about healthcare careers! We are actively monitoring the current environment with COVID-19, as well as following summer camp guidelines from
Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Specific policies and guidelines will be released to students with their camp welcome packet, sent a few weeks before the start of camp.

What is your refund policy?

Non-scholarship applicants: Camp costs minus the processing fee will be refunded if the cancellation is received in writing by the individual deadline for each camp.

A partial refund will be considered after that based on special circumstances, at the discretion of the Camp Director. Full refund in the event camp is canceled.

Scholarship applicants: the processing fee will be refunded if the student is denied scholarship and cannot attend camp.

Supervision: who’s in charge during camp?

During the day hours, camp counselors and/or staff hired by the hosting location and/or HealthForce MN are assigned to students. Each group has approximately 15 to 20 students.

For all camps, designated camp administrators are on duty to facilitate the activities and monitor the camp staff.

During those camps that go into the evening/overnight hours, evening counselors/staff lead fun social type activities. These camp counselors are hired by the hosting site. Camp administrator(s) are on duty and available.

Many of our week-long overnight/residential camps have a designated camp nurse onsite for the week. Check with the local camp coordinator to confirm whether a nurse is available at your chosen location and to confirm details.

What type of free time do campers have?

Students have limited “free time,” as most of their hours are structured time either in camp sessions during the day or for overnight camps, structured planned evening social activities. At middle school camps, there is no designated free time — because students are kept busy all day.

At high school camps, students have been historically given about 1 hour as designated “free time” each day. This time can be used for students to hang out with their new friends, do team building activities, or for residential/overnight camps to use as quiet/rest time in their rooms, watch T.V. etc….

Are campers allowed to leave camp or campus?

No camper is allowed to leave campus unattended once camp starts. There are some activities that are scheduled off-campus (i.e. field trips during the day as part of their learning and social outings in the evening). During these scheduled off-campus trips, students are chaperoned at all times.

What happens during a typical day?

While each camp location will have unique schedules, below are some examples of what is commonly scheduled:

  • Middle school camps, students are dropped off and picked up each day and scheduled for day hours only;
  • High School students are typically scheduled 7:30 am to 5:00pm;
  • Residential/overnight camps, dinner break is typically around 4:45pm to 5:30pm, with planned evening activities going until approximately 9:30pm. (Students may have scheduled free time each night of their stay for approximately an hour). Lights out in the room is usually around 10:00pm. Room checks are made.
For residential/overnight camps, how are boys and girls separated for their sleeping arrangements? Who monitors that?

Typically for week-long residential camps, boys and girls are either on different floors of the residence halls or in different wings of the building. Chaperones are on each floor with students. Staff monitor students and rounds/checking on students is done on a regular basis.