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Healthforce Minnesota

Mental Health Workforce Background Documents

2005 MMHAG, Roadmap Mental Health Care

The Minnesota Mental Health Action Group (MMHAG), formed in 2004, is a coalition of consumers, advocacy groups, mental health professionals, mental health clinics, hospitals, health plans, state and local government leaders and others working together to solve problems and make improvements in mental health services. They produced the report Road Map to Mental Health.

2009 Mental Health Acute Care Needs Report MN DHS

The 2009 Mental Health Acute Care Needs Workforce Subcommittee Report sought to understand and recommend changes to alleviate current and future shortages specific to the Minnesota workforce.

Annapolis Coalition, Action Plan

Annapolis Coalition Action Plan on the Behavioral Health Workforce Development, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2007.

The Mental Health Workforce: A Primer

Heisler, Elayne J. Heisler and Bagalman, Erin, “The Mental Health Workforce: A Primer”, Congressional Research Service, 2014.